Cooking Club are periodic classes
dedicated to English-speaking and international schools during which children have the opportunity to learn new flavors, find out fruits and vegetables that they dislike could be really delicious, experiment and discover that cooking is not difficult at all. Classes for gourmands and excesses, young years and older students. Divided into age groups so that every young chef can take full advantage of the classes.

At Cooking Club, children learn about cuisines from around the world, basic and advanced culinary techniques, learn how to cook, bake, chop, simmer & fry. Each thematic block in every semester is thought out so that children gain more and more advanced skills – and kids who have already participated in the previous semester (in case of continuing the workshops) can also develop their culinary abilities.

Our instructor teaches kids with enthusiasm, smile and passion. Children can learn how to choose ingredients, mix them in the right proportions, knead, roll, create flavored compositions, decorate … And all this in a comfortable atmosphere and with pedagogical teaching background.

Instructor: Joanna Mentel, pedagogue, child psychologist, confectioner.
Workshops are conducted in English by a person who speaks Polish and English.

We usually run workshops for schools once every two weeks or once a week.

Themes and menus are adapted to the season (eg, spring vegetables workshops, picnic workshops, ice cream workshops), holidays (Christmas workshops, Easter baking workshops) and the best available ingredients in an every month. The main assumption of the workshops: the topics are not repeated.

All details are sent in a separate offer after prior email contact. Inquiries send to